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Have you ever received a test back and reviewed it only to find mistakes that you could have easily avoided? That can be incredibly frustrating! That's why, to help you prevent that situation in upcoming tests, this post will share common test-taking mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Avoidable Test-Taking Mistakes

  1. Being unprepared (e.g. cramming the night before your test, or forgetting your ruler at home), are both mistakes you could easily avoid.
  2. In some cases, forgetting to write your name on the test can cost you some points. Write it as soon as you get it to prevent that situation.
  3. If you start answering without reading the test, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Read the test completely and thoroughly (instructions, questions, possible answers, and all) to ensure you're on the right track.
  4. When you don't answer in proper form (e.g. you write in horrible penmanship or you don't answer as instructed), you're lowering your grade significantly.
  5. Being time-efficient is a must when you're taking a test, which makes getting stuck on a question a big mistake. Mark the question, move on from it, and come back to it at the end to avoid wasting time.
  6. Some students may miss checking the back of the page. Others may forget to answer questions they skipped. Whatever the case, not answering questions can result in a low score.
  7. As mentioned above, you should be time-efficient when taking a test. However, this doesn't mean you should rush. Work carefully to ensure you're answering correctly.
  8. Finally, you may also make the mistake of handing in your test without checking it first. This is a mistake because when you review, you get a chance to correct any errors you may have made.

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